Harvard Weighing In On CBD Benefits for Women

It’s difficult to rely on testimonials and the limited amount of detailed research on the benefits of CBD. Without the in-depth rigorous research most mainstream biological compounds receive due to their long standing legal status, skepticism and outright rejection of CBD surrounds the entire industry. A lack of regulations has allowed many CBD companies to cut corners and outright lie to their customer base about how many mgs of CBD are contained in their products or whether other cannabinoids like THC are present that could result in a failed drug test.

Scientists and institutions of higher education are taking note of the obvious vacancy in research on CBD though. Even plants like poppy, which produce compounds that are engineered into some of the most dangerous and addictive drugs on the planet, have been researched by scientists vigorously for its pharmaceutical applications. Why then have scientists and medical professionals been forced to ignore the cannabis plant when it so obviously has medical value? After all, the FDA has approved anticonvulsant CBD based drugs.

Many testimonials suggest that CBD can relax stomach and intestinal discomfort, which leads to the conclusion that CBD for PMS symptoms could make sense. But, again, without the peer reviewed in-depth research to back it up, medical professionals remain skeptical about CBD’s efficacy for soothing cramping and other symptoms of PMS. Doctor’s continue to question whether CBD helps with pain, sleeping, anxiety or nearly any other medical condition without the science they are used to looking at to back it up.

There are a lot of extravagant product claims out there about the benefits of CBD for women, but little high-quality research supports them. CBD oil and other CBD products aren’t well regulated. It’s possible what you are buying is counterfeit or contaminated. Before using CBD — especially if you plan to vape or ingest it — first talk with your doctor or healthcare provider to learn whether it could be safe and helpful for you.


It is often said that women have been medicalized, meaning that women are led to believe they face more medical problems than men and therefore must be ready to pay for prescriptions and additional remedies to treat their conditions. It is certainly not the intention of Sugar and Kush CBD to suggest anything of the sort. While research tries to catch up to the claims of the CBD industry, customers must have some faith that the CBD company they are using has their best interests at heart and are being fair and honest. Look for CBD lab reports and check for CBD reviews. Start off slow with CBD 500mg oil bottles and then you can decide for yourself whether upgrading to a CBD 1000mg or CBD 3000mg oil is right for you.

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